<p>EuroCooling Services S.A., since 2012 specializing in refrigeration for retailers and responsible for maintenance and installation of fridge systems and equipments.</p> Euro Cooling Services 2   For each work we comes get all the commitments and after further we bring only quality service from or own professionals. EuroCooling Services S.A. Depot: Arelerstrooss, 46 - L-8552 OBERPALLEN Luxembourg | TEL: +352.26621048 koeltechniek voor grootwinkelbedrijven Tasselli  |  Arco NV  |  Pan-dur  |  Misa  |  Eptology  |  Costan refrigeration  |  Chief  |  Remis  |  Pastorfrigor  |  Bonnet Névé  |  Frost-trol  |  De Rigo  |  Koxka
Euro Cooling Services

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EuroCooling Services
S.A. finds a comprehensive and perfect service obvious.
So even after the installation you can count on us! Professional and trusted.

24h/24h always accessible!
Regular maintenance is required because refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems should always work for one hundred percent.
This ensures a long life and prevents interference.
Moreover, the energy consumption of a well-maintained system remains within bounds. And that saves money and the environment!
Therefore EuroCooling Services S.A. maintenance and services is always available 24 hours a day.
Additionally, you can close very attractive maintenance agreements with us. Tailored to your specific situation and installation as environmental regulations prescribe.

Address: Arelerstrooss, 46 - L-8552 OBERPALLEN Luxembourg
Tel: +352.621135422 Lux | GSM: +32.475961444 Bel | Tel: +33.631306351 Fra